Fruitful Achievements of Weipu Desertification Control Experimental Base in Qatar

At the invitation of Qatar Government, Weipu team went to Qatar at the end of 2015 to utilize its soil organism repair technology to improve desertified soil, launch comprehensive desertification treatment experiments, and realize efficient water-saving and fertilizer maintenance effects by combining efficient agricultural facilities and Weipu’s seedling cultivation technology. In February 2016, land consolidation was finished at Weipu Experiment Base to officially sow seeds and grow seedlings;

In March 2016, the seedlings of 15 kinds of plants such as sacsaoul, alfalfa and liquorice all emerged with satisfactory growth, which made the base a place full of green plants;
In April 2016, the comprehensive treatment in Weipu Experimental Base obtained partial results, the soil was effectively repaired, the plants were vigorous and the flowers were fragrant, which made the base an oasis;

In June 2016, Qatar, one of the Middle East countries, witnessed its hottest summer in history. The surface temperature was as high as 50-60°C, and such conditions were extremely harsh for plants. However, Weipu Desertification Control Experimental Base was a place with numerous colors, vigorous plants as well as abundant fruits. It has been a rare and striking oasis in the desert.

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