Offline platform for global trade

The WUAA has contributed to the international trade and exhibition on brand agricultural products.

The WUAA established the global trade platform in 2017. The platform is to facilitate conditions for cooperation among distributors, and construct the chain services to the cross-border procurement and marketing of the farm produce, to further provide conditions for the cross-border trade of agricultural products, and provide steam for the growth of the cross-border marketing of the agricultural products, fortify the capability of the small and medium export and import enterprises to develop their market. The WUAA is also to facilitate conditions for the Chinese system of Chinese food security and quality to meet the international standards, and provide conditions for the Chinese enterprises to accumulate experience in exporting quality agricultural products, while assisting in enriching the domestic consumption market for imported agricultural products. The Association is also to get close in touch with the member associations, in order for the quality agricultural products to gain access of the offline platform.

The WUAA is to build a second platform in Shanghai: The Shanghai Exposition Park for Brand Agricultural Products along the Belt and Road, which is to serve as the headquarter platform for the partner countries along the Belt and Road, the platform for the agricultural R&D promotion, and the permanent platform for trade as well as for investment.

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