Charter of WUAA

Chapter I Purposes and Composition

Article 1: The purposes of the Word Vnion of Agricultural Associations (WUAA) are: WUAA is a global non-profitable non-governmental organization dedicated to worldwide development and cooperation between all agricultural associations. The goals of WUAA are, through policy communication, information dissemination, activity organization, training, publication, international trade platform building, network connection, to promote multilateral trade development and international cooperation in the agricultural sector, so that we become one of the international organizations that is most representative, most effective and of the most leadership among all peer organizations.

Article 2: WUAA hopes to, via enhancing exchange and cooperation among agricultural associations, build a platform that connects information technology service and trade for the agricultural industry of all countries, establish a worldwide service federation of industry associations that is open, inclusive and mutually beneficial, drive agricultural products of all countries to integrate into the world market, elevate the influence and position of quality brand agri-products, boost promotion of advanced technology, experience and mode, improve agri-product circulation efficiency and food quality and safety level, facilitate with building of smooth passageways for agri-product import and export, and deepen communication and coordination during the process of global multilateral trade.

Article 3:The Word Vnion of Agricultural Associations (WUAA) is headquartered in Beijing, China.

Chapter II Organization and Responsibilities

Article 4: WUAA Initiators:China Good Agri-products Development and Service Association (CGAPA), Polish-Chinese Friendship Association, National Vegetable and Fruit Producers Union, Japan-China 100 People Committee of Communication, Federation of Cooperative Agriculture of Catalunia, and Malaysia Promas International Business Society (PROMAS), New Zealand Trade Centre.

Article 5:WUAA Organizational Structure

1. WUAA Membership Assembly is WUAA's supreme decision-making organ, guiding WUAA's work, deciding on WUAA's major issues. WUAA Assembly convenes once a year and can be convened by means of communication under special circumstances. WUAA Assembly sets rotating president unit and vice president unit.

2. WUAA Assembly sets up a number of working committees or offices as work required. The permanent executive organization is WUAA Secretariat, with one Secretary General, one Executive Secretary General, and two Deputy Secretary Generals.

3. WUAA's Advisory Committee and Committee of Experts appoint and engage in relevant senior personnel to guide WUAA to carry out work in an efficient and orderly manner.

Article 6: WUAA Assembly exercises the following authorities:

1.Propose revision of WUAA Charter;

2.Recommend / elect and depose WUAA President Unit and Vice President Unit;

3.Review WUAA work report;

4.Discuss and decide on WUAA's major issues;

5.Convene non-scheduled meetings as need be.

Article 7:WUAA Secretariat exercises the following authorities:

1.Carry out WUAA routine work, organize and implement work plan, and supervise progress;

2.Nominate WUAA President candidates, report to WUAA Assembly for review; appoint Deputy Secretary Generals and members of Secretariat;

3.Convene and preside over WUAA Assembly meetings;

4.Responsible for implementation of WUAA Assembly resolutions;

5.Sign relevant important documents and attend / participate in important events and activities on behalf of WUAA.

Chapter III Membership Requirements

Article 8 :Those who want to join WUAA and become a member must comply with the following:

1.National and international independent and legal association organizations with some influence in the industry;

2.Dedicated to promotion of agri-products brand building and development;

3.Actively participate in promoting agri-products "going global" and "introducing in," including industry exchange and international trade;

4.Uphold WUAA Charter, fulfill WUAA's all obligations.

Chapter IV Membership Procedures

Article 9: The procedures to apply to join WUAA are as follows:

1.Fill out the Membership Application Form and submit copy of unit certification;

2.Initial review by Secretariat before handing up to President's Meeting for review;

3.Authorized by Rotating President, the Secretariat can approve new members and propose for confirmation at the next President's Meeting.

Chapter V Rights of WUAA Members

Article 10: WUAA members equally enjoy all rights prescribed in WUAA Charter:

1.The right to use WUAA logo;

2.Enjoy relevant information free release service provided by WUAA platform (including WUAA News Letter issued on 5th every month, and WUAA Report issued in March every year; contents to be issued are those in sections and column subject matters as agreed by WUAA members);

3.Co-build a synergized network that engages in such institutions as agri-associations, government organizations, financial institutions, industry development agencies, international organizations;

4.Take part in activities such as forums and seminars, financial support, technology transfer, knowledge assistance, skill and startup business development and consultation hosted by WUAA;

5.Expand international network and trade opportunities;

6.With approval from WUAA Secretariat, WUAA members can hold activities in WUAA's name;

7.Propose and supervise with regards to WUAA Secretariat's work.

Chapter VI Obligation of WUAA Members

Article 11: WUAA members should fulfill the following obligations as prescribed in the WUAA Charter:

1.Abide by WUAA Charter, execute WUAA resolutions, and abide by industry regulations and rules;

2.WUAA members must put in WUAA logo and designation in a conspicuous place in its promotional materials in a unified agreed form;

3.Undertake WUAA commissioned work, support and actively participate in all activities hosted by WUAA;

4.WUAA members should have the right to formulate all necessary administrative and financial regulations necessary for effectively participating in WUAA's work, and should keep regular contact with WUAA Secretariat. All members should deliver communication information to Secretariat by the end of every month, and activity report by the end of March every year, including supply and demand information of association member enterprises;

5.Recommend WUAA new members.

Chapter VII Exit and Removal

Article 12: Members automatically lose their membership as long as they are closed, dismissed or cancelled legally. Members can exit from WUAA for its own reason but need to submit written application. WUAA members can no longer hold activities in the name of WUAA.

Article 13: For members that deviate from the purposes of WUAA, violate obligation articles in this Charter, and with unsuccessful consultation, WUAA will delist them and notify all WUAA members, and stop all their activities inside WUAA.

Chapter VIII Other

Article 14: Issues that are not covered by this Charter or certain relevant articles in the Charter can be supplemented or amended with approval at the WUAA Assembly.

Article 15: This Charter goes into effect after it passes at WUAA's founding conference.

Article 16: The explanation of this Charter goes to WUAA Secretariat.

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